Principality of Seborga, Italy

Seborga Poster

Organisers of the Indigenous Brilliance Italy show Mark Dezzani and Lyle Toledo Yazzie








academics from the University of Genova with Dr. Naila Clerici seen from the back.
Academics from the university of genoa attending the exhibition with Dr. Naila Clerici seen from the back









Chuquai Billy stand up comedian in Seborga



  Chuquai Billy in Seborga, great speech!!!

James Lascelles, who performed his wonderful world music in Seborga with organiser of Indigenous Brilliance Lyle Toledo Yazzie

James Lascelles just before his concert in Seborga, Italy


James Lascelles performing in Seborga, Italy


Pop mogul Jonathan King visiting Indigenous Brilliance Italy in June 2013


Lyle Toledo Yazzie, Quetzal Tzab and Lance Henson Laughing at stand up comedian Chuquai Billy during the opening of the Indigenous Brilliance Exhibition in Italy



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