Marco Arviso

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marco arviso


Marco Arviso, Navajo





Marco Arviso is a jewelry designer who lives and works on the Navajo Reservation in Chinle, Arizona. He draws from his past experience in painting and sculpting to the world of jewelry design. Marco’s artwork is created using natural gem-quality stones, genuine leathers, vibrant feathers and sterling silver. His jewelry is inspired by the natural surroundings that make up the great Navajo Nation, combined with a style that is unique and contemporary with a southwestern undertone.
He started designing his own jewelry line under his own name in 2010 and has been branding a new aesthetic for the modern Dine’.
Marco has found that his painting and sculpting experience has been an attribute in his creativity of wearable art. His eye for color combination and use of space coupled with his Native American upbringing is apparent in his work. He also draws on the experience from the long line of traditional silversmiths and artisans in his family for inspiration.
Marco believes that adornment has a powerful effect on the human spirit. Grounded in his Navajo roots, Marco is able to communicate traditions of his people on to a new generation of Navajo by using sacred semi-precious gem stones and .925 Sterling Silver. Such sacred minerals and gems are looked upon us as identifiers of five fingered beings by the holy Navajo Deities.
Always challenging ideas of Native jewelry, Marco Arviso is expanding his designs for a contemporary market, merging his artistic palette with commerce.




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