Derek Nez

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dxerek nez navajo






Derek Nez, Navajo
Photographer, accomplished in most categories of Photography, and a mentor to up and coming Photographers.
What makes me stand out from the rest is that I am always challenging myself to create, and try different techniques. I love shooting High Contrast Monochromatic Black & White, but I love Macro Photography as well and using natural lighting.
Currently residing in Denver Colorado, the Mile High City, I love being outdoors, whether its mountain biking, hiking, and of course I’m always with taking in the landscapes.
When do I find the time to take photos? Well, these days it’s been a challenge to break away from the grind of my current job with Microsoft, but always making the time with my clients (Recording Labels, Fashion Designers, Film Industry), and creating works of art.
In the Indigenous community, I’ve managed to become one of the top fashion Photographers, working closely with Fashion Designers, and bring their creations to life.
All in all, my goal is to share what I see with the rest of the world.


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