Amsterdam Opening June 2014 with Lyle Toledo Yazzie and Quetzal Tzab

   Announcement From News from Indian Country to the Exhibition in London June 2012

  Contains poetry reading by artist Alex Jacobs, starts at 18 minutes

  ‘Dancing’ by Chuquai Billy, great stand up comedian and social observer and commentator

       ‘Ceremonial’, American Indian exhibition at the Venice Biennale in Italy with Bob Haozous

     Artist Michael Horse talks about his ledger art

  Interview with artist Ishkoten Dougi on UFO’s, it including some footage of his art.

   Artist Kelly Church talks about her basket making, she also is a painter

   Sculptor JondeCelles shows some of his work

Painter America Meredith. America also publishes the excellent magazine First American Art

Towannas work with classical music

  Edgar Heap of Birds lecture at the National Portrait Gallery In London

  BillSoza talks about contemporary American Indian art



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