Welcome to the Indigenous Brilliance gallery. We are honored to introduce and display the work of amazingly talented artists that we have promoted in countries from Europe to North America for over 5 years. Our mission is to provide more exposure, understanding and awareness of cultures through artwork created by Indigenous artists.


Our efforts started in 2012 with an exhibition in Highgate, London, UK. A visit by curators Jack Davey and Dr. Max Carocci from the British Museum, provided support and encouragement to continue. The artwork then traveled to Seborga, Italy, where Dr. Naila Clerici from the University of Genoa visited our exhibition and praised us for our work. In Spain, the mayor of Olocau understood the exhibits’ potential and donated an exhibition space in his town. In Olocau recognized Indian artist Edgar Heap of Birds graced us with his presence and presented a lecture on his art. In Amsterdam, The Netherlands representatives from the University of Leiden attended acknowledging the importance of this genre of art. Most recently in Edinburgh, Scotland the director of World Cultures from the National Museum of Scotland brought her staff of docents to the exhibit after listening to a lecture presented by several Indigenous Brilliance artists at the National Museum. We are very proud that our efforts continue to be rewarded by academic and museum interest!


In 2014, IB was invited by the Imago Mundi Project, a part of the Luciano Benetton Foundation of Study and Research in Treviso, Italy to participate in their international art recognition project. Jennifer Karch Verze, curator of the Native North American Artists edition of the global project met with us and invited the Indigenous Brilliance artists to submit work for the exhibition. The collection of Native North American work was displayed in Venice, Italy at the 2014 Venice Benialle.     

 RECOGNIZED                                                                                                                                                  Indigenous Brilliances’ success would not be realized without the support of and contribution from our enlightened artists. Thank you artists!

Most profoundly we want to acknowledge IB’s founder and curator Cornelia Vandenberg (1950-2016). We are all indebted to and grateful for her hard work and interest in human rights, the preservation of cultural integrity and embracing Indigenous Brilliance. We Love You Elija.